Hey everyone!

I know that I am not a very consistent blogger but I want to start making it a habit and really let you in on the new season of my life. I think today is Day 4 living in Nashville and I wanted to talk about my journey so far.

I have wanted to live in Nashville for many years now and it has always been the part of my plan that has never changed. I can’t put a finger on what took me so long to get down here but I feel a genuine sense of relief finally making it happen. I guess I just loved my life and career up in Canada that I didn’t want anything to suffer. I am now in a city where I am the smallest piece of algae on a fish in a BIG SEA of talent. I suffer with anxiety and I feel it being stretched and tested here. I am intimated and overwhelmed but more than anything I feel excitement. The unknown has always excited me and as a person who goes by the “everything happens for a reason” thing, I feel like I am in the right place. I am thankful that I have spiritual guidance and feel close to God through this crazy transition.

My first step was applying for a visa and giving my apartment in Toronto up. Luckily my Visa was accepted in two weeks because if it had taken longer I might’ve been homeless. Kind of a reckless move but I trusted that things were going to work out. The list of things to do before I left was ENDLESS. Changing addresses, cancelling insurance, getting health care etc. It didn’t seem to end. Somehow they all got done and Oct 31st I had moved out of my first apartment. I loved my little place in Toronto. I shed some tears as I packed everything I owned into a UHAUL and headed for the border. It felt like closing a chapter. Toronto had been a city I’d fallen in love with. As a BC girl I had such high standards I didn’t even think it would be possible to hold anything up to Vancouver but Toronto is magical. It is alive with culture and music. Any night of the week you could go out and have an amazing time. I loved that, it was exciting.

Nashville is a city unlike anything else. If you have never been you have to put it on your bucket list. Nashville = Music. I have been singing since I was 6 years old. I have dedicated my entire life to this thing and to live in a place where its infrastructure is built around music is pretty other worldly. This entire town works everyday to create music that moves our world. Music is as precious as gold here. Songs are treasured and respected here. Think of a song being like a piece of real estate or land. People protect and fight for their art ferociously. People don’t roll their eyes at me when I tell them I want to be a musician because they probably do too. Crazy dreams are possible here. To be surrounded by dreamers, artists, writers, singers, players and business men/woman in levis feels like I have found my place and my people. I feel like I have officially taken my place in line in Nashville. I will work, love, create and wait my turn.

I guess my reason for writing this blog is to encourage someone out there to make the move. If you’re looking for a sign, this is it! Just go ahead and do it. Whether its switching your major, quitting your job or moving to another country. The right thing and the scariest thing are often the same. Someone once told me that the minute you feel content or complacent its time to move on. Being uncomfortable forces growth. I am here to grow. I want to be pushed, pulled and shaped into the best artist I can possibly be. To be tested everyday. Remember that ANYTHING is possible. I am from Maple Ridge, a little town in BC, where people often don’t leave. When my graduating class walked across the stage my principal said a few words about each student and what they would be doing 5 years from now. I was sandwiched between ( going to study medicine at UBC to become a doctor ) and ( a future police officer) or something. The principal called my name and said “Madeline will be in Nashville pursuing Country Music.” I remember feeling less than and afraid that if I failed I would be accountable to all the people in the room. But hey I’m here, with time to spare 😉