Being an artist is 20% confidence 30% crippling self doubt and 50% a feeling thats hard to put into words. An ache in your chest; a powerful desire to create something special. This feeling is the thing that makes people quit their jobs to pursue their art, not enrol in university to pursue their art (like me), change their major and dedicate their lives, finances and everything they have to pursue their art. It’s painfully scary to put everything on the line and all your eggs in one basket. To open your self up to hate and criticism of the most important thing to you. The pressure is real and it sleeps beside you. If you do not truly love your craft I can tell you right now it won’t be worth it. If it isn’t something you think about all the time, yearn for, WORK for, and dream about every night, it won’t be worth it. It will break your heart, a lot.

  The glimmer of hope doesn’t lie in the moments in front of a big crowd but in the single fan that tells you that your song resonated with them. That the words spoke and the melody made them feel something. Great art can resonate with the world if its done with a pure heart and good intentions. I truly believe that and live by that law. I urge all the artists reading this to dig deeper and be more honest with your art. Keep hustling and working with positive intention. Everybody has a purpose and a story to tell. Your art doesn’t require you to step on other people along the way. Envy is a poisonous emotion that can seep into your mind and reflect in your art. Keep your thoughts kind. It’s hard sometimes, of course, but it only hurts you. Comparing yourself to someone else is ridiculous because you have something truly unique to offer the world. Plus being perfect is boring anyways.

  Imagine the most magical things happening to you. Manifest the dreams you see and pray for the life you want. Anything is possible if you keep the faith.