In celebration of my brand new single “Over and Over” hitting the airwaves today I’ve decided to write a blog post about breaking up.  I think that we can all agree that it’s easy to get stuck in a relationship that’s not good for you. Your friends and family are all telling you to leave this person, yet you still find yourself hoping he’d call. It’s easy to focus on the good times and stay with someone who feels comfortable. What you have to remember is that comfortable isn’t a reason to stay with someone who doesn’t treat you how you deserve to be treated. Here’s a few ways to make sure that this time when you say its over, it means over.

  1. Let the heartbreak hit you. I always say this to my friends, family and myself when I’m dealing with something hard. The faster that you let yourself feel like a piece of garbage, the faster you will be able to be okay again. Listen to sad music, cry your eyes out, eat the ice-cream (or lactose free coconut bliss if you’re lactose intolerant like myself) and let yourself feel it. It’s okay to not be okay.
  2. Talk about it. I think its important to not share every part of the dirty laundry in your relationship. Doing so can cause the ones who love you to have bad feeling towards your significant other. But if this time you’re sure it needs to be over, air that shit out. Talk to your mom, dad, dog and friends about why you deserve better and they will all agree with you. Telling people holds you accountable when you’re feeling like you want to go back. They will all say the same thing; stay away.
  3. Stop creeping. I know this sounds ridiculous but it’s the truest thing. Unfollow, delete and block. Not to be petty but for yourself. If you are on his Facebook page looking at photos from his 2007 Mexico trip everyday, he’s still gonna be active on your mind. Resist the urge until you don’t want to anymore.
  4. Do things that make you feel awesome that don’t remind you of him. Dive into work, your art, eat well, go for a run. Do things that make you love yourself and feel like the ninja you are.
  5. Focus on being okay with being alone and you will meet someone new. Rushing into something else is not always the best thing to do. Obviously circumstances vary, but I always find I meet someone new when I am happy being single. If you’re out at the bar giving off desperate “please talk to me” vibes, it will only push people away. Go out, dance and have fun with your friends. Men love confidence. Be that confident, beautiful person you are and everything will fall into place.

Heres my perfect breakup Spotify playlist. Step 1 Embrace the Breakup, Step 2 Get over it

You got this girl.

xoxo MM