Whatsup everybody! So when I started this blog I really had fashion in mind. I love to play with clothes and trends. Wearing something that makes you feel great can be invaluable sometimes! Here are my go to’s right now!

Nude Lips:

Ladies find yourself a bomb nude lip and keep it in your purse forever. Nude is perfect for every season and every look. I have searched far and wide and found the perfect one! Blushing Nude by Young Blood is a great shade that goes on smooth and silky. The very best part is that they don’t test on animals! Win and Win. Shop here: https://www.amazon.ca/Youngblood-Lipstick-Blushing-Nude-4gm/dp/B00AN576MW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1478376815&sr=8-1&keywords=youngblood+blushing+nude


Now I know this is a new/old trend but I hope it sticks around for awhile! I usually have a really feminine style and I love that it adds a bit of an edge to any look. My go to for chokers is Caroline Neron by far. She is an up and coming Canadian artist and its only a matter of time before she takes over the world. Her stuff is edgy and extremely well made. Shop here: http://www.carolineneron.com/en/women/necklaces.html

Chic Workout Apparel:

So I have noticed this trend really picking up in Toronto but Vancouver has been on this trend for awhile. Active apparel worn in a chic way. Perfect for hikes, brunches and even going out! I have found a brand that has NAILED this. Titika Active has an incredible selection of workout apparel that is both practical and chic. They have everything from cute sports bras to trendy coats. I love the leggings and how they are both high waisted and flattering. I love to wear a pair of tights with a sports bra and then add a dope jacket. Shop here: https://www.titikaactive.ca/

Arizona Boots:

This trend is always my go to for boots. My style is kind of hippie country and this serves the perfect combination of both! I recently discovered that Cat Footwear (yeah thats right) makes incredibly well made, HOLY MAC COMFORTABLE and stylish boots. They have a huge selection of styles and are committed to keeping your toes warm as well. I wore a pair performing on Boots and Hearts this year and truly fell in love. They are my current favourites in my shoe closet. Shop here: http://www.catfootwear.com/US/en/bethany-boot/23682W.html?dwvar_23682W_color=P308580#start=1

FRINGE & Jean Jackets:

Fringe Forever. I love this trend and how it continues to be the funnest thing to rock and perform in. I own a ridiculous amount of various fringe pieces. Shirts, dresses, purses you name it, I got it. Jean jackets are another trend that will always be awesome. My jean jacket (Which I found in a thrift store for 10$) continues to be my Go-To everyday. Mine is Guess from the 90’s! Finding awesome clothes for 10 bucks will never go out of style and thats a fact.

Check the gallery above for a picture of all the looks! Thanks for reading mermaids xo