Hello World! My name is Madeline Merlo. I’m an award winning country singer, songwriter, actress and philanthropist! This is  my first time blogging, so thank you for reading and coming to my page. In an industry (and world) of constant media and information, it might seem odd for me to open up another avenue for my life to be exposed. I’m trying hard to keep up as it is, but blogging has been something that I’ve been itching to do since this whole crazy journey started.

I’ve always been fascinated by some artists transparencies. Listening to a song, reading a tell all, looking at a photograph or watching a movie where a person bares their soul for the world. I love to watch interviews and watch artists and people in the limelight speak openly and be honest. I am one of those people. I’ve never been good at hiding my emotions and I’ve always found power in my own honesty. I wanted to start a blog to let people into a 22 year olds mind as she navigates life as a woman in the music industry, the process of songwriting, the adventures of travel and life living in the biggest city in Canada where you can count the people you know on one hand.

Like songwriting, I hope that putting my thoughts into scripture could possibly help people with their journeys as well. I want my blog to be as deep or shallow as I feel that day. I want to write a blog about the best tacos in Toronto and then one about my baptism at 19 years old. As a songwriter I think that this will be a way to improve my writing and keep me constantly inspired and in touch with my emotions. So a toast to my first blog entry and a toast to transparency.

Thank you for following along in my journey