This year I made the move across the country from Vancouver to Toronto. I wanted to be closer to the country music scene, closer to Nashville, my band and my record label. So I packed my little jeep and went on my way. 5 months later, surrounded the vivid colours of Northern Ontario, I started to feel like everything was going to be alright. Shedding old leaves makes way for new ones to grow.

1)Don’t Overthink, Just Be.

   Change is scary for everybody and trying to think your way into certainty isn’t going to be very helpful. Once I had my “Jesus take the Wheel” moment and stopped over thinking everything, you realize life is going to happen anyways. Pro-ing and Con-ing after the fact does nothing but confuse you. Trust your journey and know that you are exactly where you need to be. Try doing something you love. For me I have played more guitar these last couple months than I ever had in my life. Something that reminds you of “before.” Oh, and breathe in, breathe out.

2) Try Something New

Dive into something you have always wanted to do. For me that was fishing. Being on the water has always been therapeutic for me and now heading up to cottage country and casting a line in the water is one of my favourite ways to spend the day. Realize that this new “thing” wouldn’t be possible if you weren’t in this season of change. Take this as an opportunity to write the first page of your new story.

3)Be Flexible

Every bit of change, whether you put it upon yourself or not, pushes you to be a more flexible and adaptable person. This is a blessing and has the opportunity to start a chain reaction of positivity in other phases of your life. Although my “go with the flow” attitude has been around since I was kid, this mentality is not only valuable but freeing as well.  Try to let life take its course and move with it.


In the midst of my unpredictable situation I actually found a great deal of focus. Funnel your time and energy into work or a project that you are involved in. Not knowing many people in my new environment was a little unwavering and lonesome at times. Instead of focussing on that, I switched my thinking and turned my time spent alone into a positive. Having the time and freedom to pour myself purely into my music and bettering my craft is truly a privilege. Continue to think and focus on the reasons for this change to motivate you.


Give yourself time to adjust. Feeling comfortable isn’t something that you can rush and it wont happen over night. Coming up on 5 months in my new city and it still feels unfamiliar and lonely sometimes. I’ve learned that if you push yourself slowly every day and keep a positive outlook it will always get better. Although I don’t have a lot of friends yet I know that it will all come in time and I will be sure to write a post about it (Making friends as an adult human is hard.) Remember, there is power in patience.

Without change, life would be stagnant and boring. The best way to learn and grow is to be thrown into a situation where you’re not sure how to handle it. Embrace this new season of change and like the leaves, change your colours.

Thanks for reading mermaids and good luck!