I don’t know about you guys but the negativity in the world right now has been really getting me down. Media bombards us with war, death, injustice and disease every day and it can have you feeling like being a human right now is tough. What you have to remember is that this place is filled with incredible people who fight every day for what is right. The journey isn’t always smooth and sometimes you don’t win, but fighting for what is right is always worth it. There is lots of people who dedicate their lives to making advancements in our world in order to make it a cleaner, better and safer place. Heres a bit of good news to help you through the week:

  1. The ozone layer is repairing itself! According to United Nations, Scientist’s believe the ozone layer has started to repair itself since the industrial revolution began! They say the main reason for its recovery is that certain chemicals, such as those used in aerosol cans, were phased out in the 1980s. Using high tech scans they believe the ozone layer is starting to thicken again. As for climate change, thats another story. But small steps.
  2.  Our medical community is thriving all over the world. Scientists say they are closer to having vaccines for lung and brain cancer, new chemotherapy breakthroughs for people suffering from pancreatic cancer has increased their survival rate and child mortality is currently the lowest in human history.
  3. More and more countries and private entities are coming forward to donate unsold food to the needy. A few days ago Italy (yay for being Italian) changed law to make all supermarkets give unsold food to the needy. AND my homies at Starbucks have pledged to donate all of its unsold food to Americas needy. Oh and Starbucks holiday drinks are back… just saying.
  4. Renewable energy is on the rise all over the world. In fact in Germany its numbers has increased from 6% in 2000 to 32.6% in 2015! The production of solar energy is growing worldwide at 25% per year! According to The Guardian an airplane was able to fly around the world without a drop of fuel. COMPLETELY solar powered. This could mean amazing things in terms of the environment and pollution in the future.
  5. Success against Malaria! Last year the World Health Organization released a report on the fight against one of the worlds deadliest diseases. Although full success is far off some real progress has been made. Between 2000 and 2015 the number of new Malaria cases dropped 37 percent and the number of Malaria deaths fell by 60 percent! By using mosquito nets treated with insecticide and spraying indoors deaths by Malaria in African children is down more than 70 percent!
  6. Tiger numbers are rising! Conservation successes in India, Russia, and Nepal have meant we have seen a significant increase in tiger numbers for the first time in a century. The WWF has given us good news for a change in a new survey which shows there are now 3,890 wild tigers, up from 3,200 in 2010, when countries announced a historic commitment to double the population by 2022.  It now looks like we may actually hit that target! Even though 3,890 seems small it’s actually up by 22% and thats a HUGE accomplishment. Thanks to all the conservation efforts and enhanced protection for our wild tigers we are seeing a comeback for our furry friends.
  7. We’re making amazing progress in Space! A spacecraft named Juno has successfully entered Jupiters orbit and will be able to give us fascinating information about one of our solar systems most secretive planets. I don’t know about you but that right there is really cool. Go Nasa Go!
  8. India just smashed a world record and planted 50 million trees in one single day… woah. On July 11 over 800,000 volunteers broke the previous record of 847,275 and blew the world away by planting an astonishing amount of trees in just a single day. India, you’re super rad.
  9. Remember that time we all poured buckets of ice over our heads for ALS? Well, it worked. Because of the attention and funding that campaign pulled in Scientists say they are making massive strides into ALS research. Worth every shivering second.
  10. In April this year UNESCO released a report on the status of global education, showing that in the last 15 years the number of children around the world without access to education has halved, from 100 million to 57 million. It’s an incredible achievement — it means that we are in a world where nine out of ten children are learning to read and write. The World Bank now says we’re only one generation away from a world where every single person is literate.

I know that it can seem like the world is looking very bleak but we have to hold onto hope that we have a beautiful future ahead of us. A lot needs to be done, I know, but we have also come a long way too. We have made HUGE strides in equality and I know that myself and all the millennials will only push it further as the years go on. Remember that TODAY more people have clean water and less people go hungry then ever before.

Thanks for reading mermaids, I love you guys xo